Week 10 | Website Design

Week 10: Website Design

DIYSB Small Business Marketing Gude | Week 10: Website Design

1. Layout Design: The design of your website is a huge decision. Weather you are going to attempt to design/redesign your website yourself or hire someone it is important to spend a good amount of time researching designs that you like. List below (5) website designs that you like and you think would fit your business.


2. Balance Color, Graphics and Media: Web design can go very wrong with too much color, mismatched color combinations and too many interactive features. A well-balanced web design uses three to four colors at most and has text colors that contrast well with the site’s background color.

3. Well Organized Content: Whereas the look of a website design welcomes visitors, it is the content that keeps them around. A web design can look great, but unless it presents content in an inviting manner, it is meaningless.

4. Easy, Error-Free Navigation: Without navigation and ease of its accessibility, a web design is just a pretty page. Navigation acts as a map, directing visitors through the site based on their interests.

5. Good Overall Functionality: A great website encompasses all of the above four best practices plus sound functionality. At the most basic level, functionality means all internal and external hyperlinks work, there are no JavaScript errors and all forms function as they should. But functionality also applies to how the website functions across all browsers, computer operating systems and mobile devices. It must work perfectly and look great on older and current versions of browsers and be mobile-friendly.

Weekly Goals:
Step 1: Pick a Design
Step 2: Decide if you are going to build the site or are you going to hire someone.
Step 3: Content? Who is going to write all of the content?
Step 4: Build and Test
Step 5: Continue to improve the site!

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