Why Marketing Magic Tricks Do Not Work


Here is why your Marketing Magic Tricks do not work:

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

-Thomas A. Edison

This quote from Thomas Edison pretty much sums it up but we should probably go into a little more detail. Chances are you have built or building a solid business. Was it easy? We think not. DIYSB started with one contract/sale just like everyone else. We have grown into a solid team of experienced professionals and we offer a variety of programs. We look nothing like what we did in the beginning.

marketing magic tricks

Marketing Magic Tricks 101: (Shiny New Objects)

We live in an age of automation and the need to buy the next shiny object that is going to increase sales. Right? Here is the problem with the new shiny objects. The person that sold them to you never asked you about your marketing plan! So, without a plan and a course of action then you are just stuck with a new shiny object that you have no clue how to make work. Do you see the problem?

Marketing Magic Tricks 102: (Your Website)

Yes, a website is a shiny new object. It just tends to cost a lot more money. What is more important? A website that works or a website that looks cool. We think having one that works is way more important. Have you been to a website and there was so much going on that you didn’t know what to do next? Yeah, don’t go there.

Marketing Magic Tricks 201: (Social Media Marketing)

The days are long gone of posting things on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and people magically finding your content for FREE. These companies need to make money too. Do you give away your products? We didn’t think so. Why should they? Suck it up. It’s time to pay them and live with it or get left behind.

Now that we have established that Social Media is not FREE. Who is going to manage your presence on these platforms? That’s not free either. It takes time to generate content, upload it to a website and post on your profile. Do you want it done right?

Crazy programs that blast your content out to all of your profiles at one time. Let us reference the quote from the beginning of the post. “There is no substitute for hard work.” We are not fans of these types of programs. We think social media should stay social. Not an automated process that just happens and you never look at it again. The goal of social media is to engage your fans. Not puke on them and watch them clean it up!

Marketing Magic Tricks 301: (Marketing Plan)

Your marketing plan is not a trick but it is something that needs to happen before you do anything else. If you do not have a plan then you are setting yourself up for failure. Is that the goal for your business?

Marketing Magic Tricks 401: (Sales Can’t Do It All)

We like to think that our sales team are magic. The fact is that the marketing department has to support them with what they need. Most sales professionals want a good looking website, sales materials and qualified leads. Is that too much to ask? The bad news…. This also costs money to do it right.

Graduation Ceremony:

With a little hard work and patience you can get better at marketing and increase your sales. How do you do it? If you have just 10 minutes we will be able to tell you why your sales are not where you want them to be and how you can improve your marketing.

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