Website First Marketing Plan Later Is A Bad Idea

Here’s why building your small business website first and your marketing plan later is a bad idea. We mean it’s a really BAD idea that will cost your business thousands of dollars!

Ok, Ok, Ok…. We know every business needs a website in order to be a legitimate business. But why is building a website first and then try to fit your marketing plan around your website later a bad idea? Think about it. It’s kinda crazy. What is the old saying? “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” We think that this applies for websites too.

The Rational Thought Behind This Groundbreaking Idea

In order for DIYSB Marketing or anyone to build your business the best website you need the right plan. If someone says that they can build you the perfect website without talking about your marketing plan they are either crazy or a wizard. When building a website we look to the Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan for guidance. This will tell you what products you should feature and what prices you should charge for them. That is just one important aspect. Knowing what your competition is doing and how you plan on scaling your business is another key part of the process too. By doing this in the CORRECT order you need to do it ONE time. Not letting a “Web Designer” design a really cool looking website with all of the wrong message, graphics, products and pricing. Then you have to hire a Marketing Firm like DIYSB to come in and fix everything that is broken. It is 10X more expensive to fix broken websites than it is to do it right the first time.

DIYSB Marketing | Worst Websites Example

This is an example of a bad website design that we found. Is there a little too much going on? It might be time to cut down the clutter and get a clear call to action.

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Why We Think Businesses Do It The Wrong Way

1. Businesses are always in a hurry to jump to the next new thing or way to make money fast. That just don’t work 99.9% of the time. There is nothing easy about starting or growing a business. And somewhere behind all of the glamour there is hundreds if not thousands of hours of hard work. It could be market research, strategic planning, web design, social media management, PPC or even graphic design. It all comes down to “Someone has to do it.”.

2. There are a ton of website design firms out there to take your money. It’s not their fault. Most of them don’t know any better. The are extremely talented graphic designers and web designers. The problem is that they know nothing about marketing. We have some really talented creative people on our team. But they don’t write the marketing plan or copy for the websites. Their job is to build it and make it look pretty. Our marketing professionals make it work.

3. Doing it the right way is an investment. We all know that if you want something done the right way it is typically more expensive and in some cases it takes a little more time. Have you ever bought something really cheap and wished you bought the product that was a little more expensive? This also holds true in web design for small businesses.

What Do You Do NEXT?

You need to decide which route you want to take in building or re-designing your website. You can go the CHEAP route and pay us to fix it later. OR do it the right way first and save money in the long run. It’s up to you! Schedule your Business Marketing Strategy Session TODAY if you want to learn how to do it the right way first….

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