Top 5 Reasons Your Business Does NOT Need Social Media


Reasons Your Business Does NOT Need Social Media:

To social or not to social, that is the 100k question. Every day our coaches are confronted with the question, “When do I start using Facebook and Twitter?” It is great that everyone is excited about growing their business with tactics but everything has it’s place. We have outlined the top 5 reasons your business does not need social media.

Reason 1:

You are still working on your marketing strategy.

How are you going to execute a Facebook or Twitter campaign if you have not completed the marketing strategy for your business? Easy trigger, let’s find out where we are going first.

Reason 2:

There is not a budget for social media.

The days are long gone of building a community and posting content for free. Social media is not in it’s infant stages anymore. The small business will need to think about how much they want to invest in their campaigns. Please refer to the marketing strategy….

your business does not need social media

Reason 3:

Who is going to run it?

Again, social media is not FREE. You need to have someone to manage the community, create the strategy and develop the content. Strategy and Content is 75% of the work. If you are lucky you can find someone (that’s good) to run you social media for 50k/year. Or you can get your cousins…friends… sister that knows someone that has Facebook to do it for free, you choose. My bet is that it is not going to work out.

Reason 4:

What are your goals?

Goals are another important aspect of the equation. In order to get somewhere you need to know where you are going. What are your goals for social media?

Reason 5: (The Most Important)

Does Social Media fit your business?

Social Media is not a one size fits all option. You will need to look deep into your marketing plan/strategy to figure out if your business needs social media. Maybe you just need Twitter, or Facebook works best for your products. It’s not an easy thing to figure out. With a little hard work and dedication it can be done!

So, does your business need Social Media?

We are willing to bet that you need to start with a DIY Marketing Guide first. After that, we can help you with all of the Social Media you want.