The Secret Law Of Attraction For Marketing


The Secret Law of Attraction For Marketing Your Small Business

Have you watched The Secret? If you haven’t then go check it out ( This is a motivational movie about the law of attraction and how you can use it to improve your life. We believe that you can use The Secret Law of Attraction for marketing your small business too. Does it sound too hokey? Let us explain..

Yeah, some of these “self help” and motivational movies are a little weird. What can it hurt though. If you can take one positive thing out of a movie, book, video or guide then you are ahead of the game. Let’s break down the key points we think that you can use for your small business marketing.

the secret law of attraction for marketing

  1. Dream: Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals are dreamers. The Secret Law of Attraction is just another take on how to apply it. Instead of just dreaming, dig down deep and feel how it will be when you get those extra leads and sales for your business.
  2. Believe: Starting or growing a business is not an easy task. Sometimes people get lucky but most of us have to put in the hard work to achieve success. The long hours of writing blog posts, endless SEO management and then finding time to actually deliver products. Having a positive outlook on life and your business can only help. And BELIEVE everything is going to work!
  3. Visualize: We really like the idea of printing out pictures and creating a vision board. We are visual people. Looking at a picture of your successful business will reaffirm what you are thinking. We also suggest taking it one step further and writing down all of your marketing goals. I guess that’s why we always start with a Marketing Plan. Who would have thought?
  4. Surround yourself with other successful people: There is no secret to this. You can’t surround yourself with unsuccessful people if you want to be successful. Look at so many NFL players that get in trouble “hanging out” with unsuccessful people. Successful people run in packs. Get in that pack and start building your future.
  5. Take time to be healthy: You can have the biggest and most successful business in the world, what good is it if you are not around to reap the rewards. Take time to exercise, eat right and have healthy relationships with friends and family. The right physical and mental mindset can go a long way.

How do you use The Secret Law of Attraction to market your small business? Let us show you.

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