Startup Marketing Guide


Startup Marketing Guide On A Budget:

Are you starting a business or have already started a business? The problem is that you haven’t thought about how you are going to market or sell your product or service….Yet!

Now, you have found yourself endlessly searching the internet for a guide showing you how. Chances are you have watched all of the free videos, didn’t work. Next, you bought or downloaded a few marketing e-books. That was just overwhelming. You may have signed up for a few marketing webinars. Now, you have more questions than answers.

Why is it so hard for a small business owner to get some good quality information? Because everyone is quick to offer the next “gimmic” or “get rich scheme” that people buy into. We have BAD news! It DOES NOT exist. Nothing in life is free and we don’t think that you are planning to give your product to everyone that knocks on you door. We don’t!

What do you do next? You have a few options and we have listed them below for you to make the right decision.

  1. You can hire a full time marketing manager. This will cost you around $70,000 in payroll plus benefits.
  2. You can hire a marketing consultant. You might get by spending around $100,000/year.
  3. You can bring in a Jr. employee to save money but you may not see any results.
  4. Invest in a DIY Marketing Guide or Marketing Coach. Guides range from just $19-$1,999 a month.

If you are:

  • Lost
  • Frustrated
  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Or just need some help.

We can help! Start getting better at marketing with a Startup Marketing Guide that fits your budget by CLICKING HERE.