New Website But NO Traffic


You have a fancy NEW website but NO traffic?

Congratulations on your new website! The problem is that nobody is coming to your site…. I bet you are extremely upset with the person that built this shiny new object for you. Now you are just stuck with a new website but no traffic.

Here is what happened.

Someone told you that your website was outdated and you needed a new one. Your old website was probably outdated but the real problem was never addressed. What is your strategy?


You are a new business and one of the logical steps is to create a website for your small business. Did you know that it can take up to twelve months to start seeing good traffic for your website? (If it is done right.)

new website but no traffic

Enough is Enough

We just talked to a customer recently and asked them, “What is your content creation plan?” They answered, “What’s that?” Keep in mind, this is someone that just paid a large amount of money (to a web designer that is not DIYSB) for a new website. This is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Web Designers and so called “Marketing Companies” need to stop preying on the small businesses.

Get your Marketing Strategy/Plan FIRST!

Dear Small Business Owner,

Please consider your marketing strategy/plan before you shell out thousands of dollars for a new website that nobody is going to visit. DO NOT do business with a company that does not ask you about your marketing strategy! You are not ready. Yes, we know you are excited to grow or get started. These things take time. And if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

What do you do with your new website but no traffic?

You get a PLAN! There is a reason why businesses write business and marketing plans. They serve as a road map to keep you on track. You will learn valuable information about your business, products and yourself. Trust us, you will not regret taking a deep breath and doing this first. Otherwise, you will just have to re-do your website after your plan is complete. You call it. In the end it is up to the small business owner.


  1. Keep everything how it is and hope people eventually show up.
  2. Try to figure out your marketing plan by yourself while you are building or growing your business.
  3. Get a DIY Marketing Guide.
  4. Let us help you through the process.
  5. We will do it for you.

We wish you all the luck!