Never Assume Anything In Your Marketing Plan

How often do you sit around and wonder what your competition is doing?

First off, my team and I love helping people with their marketing. It is fun to work with different kinds of people and businesses on a daily basis. Last week we sat down with a new client and everyone kept kicking around what they thought the “other people” were going to do and when they were going to do it. I basically had to stop everyone and say, “Stop!! We don’t know what they are doing. Let’s worry about our story and what we are doing.” Well, it turns out that the other people are not even playing in the game.

Think about how much time we would of wasted contemplating what other people could have maybe done something in the future. We instead focused the meeting on our marketing message and what we are doing as a team to tell our story. It ended up being a much more productive meeting and we are already ahead of the game instead of waiting a week to see what everyone else is doing.

The moral of the story is, Focus on you and your business. Get the right strategic plan and marketing plan first. All of those other people will get their chance to be evaluated. But do it at the right time. Getting the right marketing plan is not an easy process. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Guess what? They are not. We have developed and honed a process to evaluate businesses and create the right strategic plan and marketing plan that will work.

Then what? After we have the plan… You can either have a go at implementing it yourself or we will implement it for you. The choice is yours. Need help or you just want to talk sales and marketing? Give us a shout!