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Are You Searching For Marketing Tips For Ohio Businesses?

Where do you get Marketing Tips For Ohio Businesses? Right here! DIYSB Marketing Guide is your one stop resource for FREE marketing tips, DIY marketing guides, marketing coaching and marketing services. We have coaches all over the tri-state area and beyond. Here are a few tips from our Director of Marketing Coaching, Theo Tracy.

marketing tips for ohio businesses

Theo Tracy, DIYSB – Director of Marketing Coaching

Tip #1: Focus on your strategy.

We often find that the small business owner is excited to jump into tactics vs. honing in on the correct strategy for their business. Spending the time upfront on the right strategy will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Tip #2: Set realistic goals.

Are you serious about growing your business? It is going to take time. Nothing happens overnight and it is important to put together a strategic plan to get there. Marketing is a key aspect of the plan but we need to look at all of the pieces to the puzzle.

Tip #3: Budget

Your strategy and goals will determine how much time and dollars you will have to put into this project (growing your business and increasing sales). Every function of the sales and marketing process can be measured in time and dollars. Do you have the time and dollars to achieve your goals?

Tip #4: Follow through.

Who is going to make your dreams become reality? Pick someone that has the time to follow through with the plan. You are not the right person if you don’t have the time. Pick someone in your organization that you feel can manage this project or hire an outside coach or consultant. (You can get a DIY Marketing Guide/Coach HERE.)

Tip #5: Don’t chase shinny objects!

Stick to the plan! You will be contacted every day with a shinny new object or new get rich quick scheme. They don’t work! There is a reason why it takes time. Because it has to be done right!

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