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How To Find The Right Small Business Marketing Consulting:

  • Have you been trying to find the right small business marketing consulting for your business?
  • Are you trying to figure out which consulting firm or professional works best for your business?
  • Tired of “over the top” pricing?

We understand that trying to figure out the right fit can be stressful. Below is a guide to find the right small business marketing consulting for your business.

small business marketing consulting

Main questions you need to ask yourself:

Do I have a marketing strategy?

Hopefully you have a business plan and a marketing strategy already written. It’s OK if you don’t. Keep in mind that these are two things that need to be explored before you take the next steps. A marketing coach/consultant can help you with this but it will cost you some cash. You can give it a shot yourself by utilizing a DIY Marketing Guide.

What are my goals?

It is important to figure out where you want to be. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t know where you are going. Marketing and Sales are a numbers game. A marketing coach/consultant will need to know where you want to be. A series of marketing coaching sessions will get you on the right track. CLICK HERE for Marketing Coaching.

How soon do I want to achieve those goals?

This is the million dollar question. It is important to set realistic expectations. Most coaches or consultants can implement some short term tactics to increase sales. It is important to develop a long term strategy for sustained growth.

What is my budget?

In most cases it comes down to budget. Sometimes you just have to get what you can afford. We understand that. DIYSB is a small business too. CLICK HERE for guides and coaching plans starting at $19/month.

How am I going to get there?

Look internally first. Do you have someone that is currently on staff that can handle this project. Maybe all they need is a little guidance and coaching. You will need to look outside if you don’t have someone. We all know that employees are expensive and full time consultants are too. That is why DIYSB developed an affordable SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING DEPARTMENT option starting at just $5,000 per month.

What is the next step?

You have some BIG decisions. You know that you want to grow your business but you don’t know exactly how to get there. You might need a little nudge or a big push. That is for YOU to decide. We recommend talking with our Director of Coaching if you think you might need a little more help than just a guide.

Good luck finding the right small business marketing consulting for your business!

-DIYSB Marketing Guide


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