Born to LEAD: Leveraging Efforts and Attitudes into Dreams:

One of the DIYSB team members Garrett Milby, has released a NEW book! Born to L.E.A.D is a twenty-eight day motivating and empowering devotional, geared towards challenging individual’s thoughts and perceptions. Through personal reflection and spiritual guidance author Garrett Milby addresses some of the tougher issues that face individuals today. Addressing thought provoking ideas such as: Leadership, Efforts and Attitudes and Spirituality. Garrett Milby hopes that the twenty-eight days filled with personal stories, inspiring quotes, and scriptures will allow for an individual to start living and fulfilling the dreams they have for themselves.

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About Garrett

Garrett Milby is founder and owner of mILBY eNTERPRISES. He founded the company via a simple motto: There is no me, without HE. Hence, the lower case “m” and “e” in the company name. We are only a small part in the grand scheme of God’s plan.

Garrett brings motivation and empowerment not from just a formal education (BS in Workforce Leadership and MA in Organizational Leadership) but from many life lessons. He feels that while formal education is great, we can learn more from the education of living life.

Garrett’s background is not that different from others. He grew up in a rural setting in Kentucky, dealt with a troubled childhood and teen years, lacked commitment, and what he views as many failures throughout his young adult life.

However, after enlisting in the military, finding encouragement from his friends, family, and wife Jetona, he turned his viewed failures into successes. Garrett went from an entry-level warehouse job to becoming a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Louisville, obtaining a degree in Workforce Leadership, going on to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Campbellsville University. In the midst of his educational pursuits, he paved his own path in becoming a successful College Recruiter and Career and College Counselor. While in the recruiting world Garrett changed his views; instead of just working at a job, he brought substance. Garrett made it his personal mission to help individuals change their lives; not only through educational opportunities, but by showing them that they could become whatever they wanted to be, regardless of their life situations. After several years, spending countless hours away from home and being unfilled in a job, Garrett felt a higher calling. He gave up the numerous hours away, allowing him the opportunity to be home more, pursue his passions, building his personal and spiritual life.

After spending several years lost and denying God’s calling for his life, Garrett decided to surrender, allowing God to work in him, leading his path, and allowing God to shine through his life.

Garrett feels that every opportunity in his life has been a blueprint of God’s plan for him and now wants to harness that desire, passion, and positive energy in helping others leverage their efforts and attitudes into their dreams.

We are excited to have Garrett on the DIYSB team. He focuses on educational consulting. Fill out the form below and we will have Garrett contact you shortly.

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