2016 Sales Needs 2016 Marketing

Why Your Sales Staff Needs Marketing More Than Ever

2016 Sales Needs 2016 Marketing | DIYSB Marketing

Boy, we hear and see it all…. One thing for sure is that there is never a dull day working with so many different types of businesses. Heck, it’s fun. That’s what is all about. If you are not having fun then you shouldn’t be doing it. So, why does a sales staff need marketing for 2016?

  1. Sales Professionals Are Not Magic: Years ago the plan was hire a bunch of top sales professionals and tell them to make the magic happen. That used to work but not so much anymore. The sales process is changing and changing rapidly. Our best advise is to stop planning or hoping for magic. If some magic happens then that is just icing on the cake.
  2. Sales Professionals Are NOT Marketing Experts: We like to think that one person can do it all. In reality, people are typically good at certain things. It might be time to assess your team and see what everyone is doing best. Now is a good time to stop asking your salespeople to be marketing experts. Just let them sell!
  3. Learn Your Sales Cycle: Man, if you don’t know this by now you need to figure it out. If your sales are low right now it is a reflection of what you were doing in the past. Stop asking your sales staff for leads or sales now! It takes time to build relationships and cultivate a client through the sales process. Nobody responds to high pressure management tactics. They simply find a better place to work.
  4. Find Out Your Cost Per Lead: Marketing is just a management and math problem. All of the tactics can be implemented. But without the right plan and manager for the plan all you have is marketing stuff. Make sense? I think it should start sinking in by now.
  5. Share The Wealth: There is an old saying that you should live by. “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.” You need to decide if your business is going to be a pig or a hog.

Us pigs will be over here if you need any help.

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