Why Thumbtack, Blur and Outsource Don’t Work

Have you tried Thumbtack, Blur or Outsorce? Here is how it is hurting your bottom line and wasting precious time.

First, let us say that these types of services have a place in the marketplace but these platforms are being misused and costing small and large businesses thousands of dollars and months of time.

Here is how NOT to use one of these services.

Business: During a meeting an employee brought up that they think the company needs a new website. After the meeting the business owner, vice president or sales manager jumps on one of the sites and requests quotes for website design.

Why it don’t work: How does the business know if they need a whole new website or not? What if they just need a few minor tweaks and a marketing plan to drive traffic. The companies bidding for these services don’t care about your marketing or conversions. They are in business to sell and build websites. And most of them do it well. The problem is that they build it exactly how you tell them to build it. Not how it should be built and written. Fail #1!

Business: After browsing the internet for months the business owner decides that if they get some SEO and more content that they will get more leads and sales.

Why it don’t work: SEO and Content Creation are just a few marketing tactics that can be beneficial to a business. The crazy thing about the internet is that nothing happens overnight. The days of keyword stuffing a webpage and ranking high on Google are long gone! Your SEO/Content Creation plan should be a long term marketing tactic. Don’t expect any results tomorrow. It is better to think of YEARS when it comes to these tactics. Fail #2!

Business: If we ran a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign we would get more leads!

Why it don’t work: Where are you going to send all of those interested people? To your homepage? A well written, tested and tweaked landing page can get your business the most bang for your buck. That goes back to the whole website issue. Fail #3!

Business: We need a Marketing Plan and our budget is less than $500.

Why it don’t work: There is no marketing firm or reputable marketing consultant in their right mind that will write a comprehensive marketing plan for $500. Heck, there are some business consultants that charge $500 for the first consultation. Fail #4!

Enough of the Why It Don’t Work stuff!

Here is how you actually get results and a marketing partner that will fit your business.

Step 1: Do your research! Find some LOCAL Marketing Firms that you think will be a good fit. Let’s say, pick three.

Step 2: Contact them! Yes, we said contact them. It will not kill you to talk to someone. Chances are you might learn something that you can apply to your business TODAY.

Step 3: Take ACTION! Nothing is going to change unless you do something.

Tips To Successful Marketing:

Tip 1: Do things in the right order. Please don’t build a website before you write a marketing plan…

Tip 2: Be willing to invest. Nothing is free. Marketing help is not free and advertising (digital/traditional) is still not free. If you have found some free advertising please let us know.

Tip 3: Stay with it! This is where a marketing consultant comes in. We can either help execute your marketing or be there to crack you over the head when you are not meeting deadlines. You pick!

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