The End Of Email Marketing Is Near: Here’s Why

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Do you think that email marketing is here to stay? We think the end of email marketing is near.

Email marketing has been a great marketing tool for a number of years and we still use it for some of our clients. (The ones it makes sense for.) The problem is that it is being abused and marketers are flooding people’s in-boxes with 2,3 and sometimes 4 emails per day. Wow! Who thought that would be a good idea? So what do we do? We create email addresses that are specifically for “junk marketing emails” or we just delete the emails as they come in. It is a loose-loose for everyone.

Here is why we think that the end of email marketing is near.

As we were writing this the Outlook notification popped up a minimum of 10 times. Only 1 of the emails had some kind of importance. The rest of them I kindly unsubscribed to. Yes, we are on a email unsubscribing mission here at DIYSB Marketing. All of the constant junk email is cutting down on productivity and we have clients to worry about. Not some shiny object that we were researching 5 months ago to see if they were doing anything of value.

Why is it going to die? Because of ourselves. We will kill it. Just like we kill every other thing that we come in contact with. The human race is greedy by nature. We calculate the maximum conversion rates and send away without thinking about the end user. One saying that comes to mind, “Treat others how you would want to be treated.”. It might not always be the best marketing tactic when it comes to conversions but in the long haul we hope that the good guys will come out on top.

Another reason why we think that the end of email marketing is near is a changing demographic. How popular is email when texting is a lot easier. The younger generations prefer a quick communication vs. a long drawn out email with 35 links to content on a website. We have all received those emails that are ridiculously long and most times we shake our heads and just hit the delete button. What were they thinking?

Here is another good reason…. Technology! We live in a world of smart phones and now smart watches. What is next? Your guess is as good as ours. Our goal is to make sure that DIYSB and our clients are not relying solely on email marketing when the hammer drops. One thing that we know for sure is that marketing will change and our strategy and tactics will change with it.

What’s NEXT?

Unsubscribe! By UNSUBSCRIBE we mean unsubscribe to ALL of the emails that you have no use for anymore. You will be able to watch the productivity of yourself and your employees skyrocket! Imagine a day where you don’t have 100’s of emails that hit your inbox and you only have the 20 that are really important. Think about all of the time you can save and the level of attention you can give the important ones. What is the worst that can happen? You can always go back and subscribe to those lists again if you need some information. A better option would be to actually pick up the phone and talk to someone too….

Why would we tell everyone to unsubscribe to email lists? To make it better for everyone. If everyone will band together and stop the abuse of SPAM and BAD email marketing we can either get back good email marketing or move on to a better way to get information.

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Otherwise, we would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think the end of email marketing is near?

Talk to you soon!

-DIYSB Marketing

DIYSB Small Business Marketing Gude | The End Of Email Marketing Is Near