How We Helped A Local Business Increase Sales 15 Percent

Looking to increase your sales? That is exactly what we do!

We are often contacted by businesses that are seeing their sales going down and they don’t know exactly how to get them going in the other direction. Here is how we helped a local Cincinnati business increase their annual sales by 15% in less than two months.

First off, this does not happen every time. Some contracts are tougher than others. Usually our team can implement some fundamental marketing changes that can help the business get on track a little faster. This client was in a situation where they had recently lost a large contract and was in need of finding a few more good customers to work with. Most small businesses that we work with are in this exact same situation. They don’t need thousands of leads and hundreds of new clients every year. They just need a few hundred leads and tens of new clients because a really good client can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Does this sound like your company? Good, you might want to pay attention then.

The First Step

Obviously after the client has signed a contract with us…. We need to get the right strategy and plan. There are too many “marketing companies” out there that jump in and apply tactics without a plan. This type of business practice leaves the business frustrated and confused when it comes to investing in marketing.

The Next Step

Look Within…

Often businesses have tons of opportunities to increase sales but they don’t know how to bring it in. Look at past and current customers for opportunities to give your business a little boost. You can either figure out a marketing strategy to communicate with them and let them know all of the ways you can help. It does not always happen in the first month or two… But guess what? I can guarantee nothing is going to happen if you do nothing.

The Final Step

Take Action!! Doing something is better than doing nothing!