How To Get The Best Sales Funnel

How to get the best Sales Funnel for your small business:

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How it all begins:

All sales an marketing campaigns start with a plan. If your plan consists of picking up the phone and “making things happen” you might be in trouble. Sure, there is a chance that you can see some short term success. But chances are there will be some stressful times during that process. Have you ever sat around wondering where your next sale is going to come from? That’s because you don’t have a marketing plan and an efficient sales funnel for your business.

What small businesses can use a Sales Funnel System?

Any business can use a sales funnel. But guess what? There are No two sales funnels that are exactly the same. Every business is a little different than the other. Hopefully you found out what makes your business different when you wrote your Small Business Marketing Plan. If you didn’t then it will be in your best interest to circle back around and complete that step first.

The step-by-step process to get the best Sales Funnel for your small business:

Step 1: Pick one tactic at first and make it the best you can. Often we see small businesses try to do a little bit of everything thinking that if they spread out their marketing then at least one of them will work. Wrong! If you take the time upfront to do your research and develop a marketing plan then your will know exactly where you should be advertising your business.

Step 2: Your website. Almost every business has a website by now. Some are good. Some of them are OK. And some of them are really bad. We recommend that you test your website on Nibbler. This is a great FREE resource to give you a quick snapshot of your website and how you can improve it. Is there a perfect website? Maybe… We like to think that they are all a work in progress.

Now that you have a quick snapshot you will need to figure out if you are going to start making some changes yourself or hire someone to do it. (DIYSB TIP: Do not build a website without a marketing plan. Do not talk to any web designer that does not ask for your marketing plan before they start building. This mistake will cost your business thousands of dollars in the long run.) The next step is to get going and DO SOMETHING. Don’t wait around for months trying to figure out a better way. It will take a long time as is to get your website exactly the way you want it. Plus, Google takes long enough to give you traffic.

Step 3: Define your sales system. Who is going to do all of the selling for you when the leads and customers start coming in. (DIYSB Tip: This is not going to happen overnight if you want it done the right way.) Look at your Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan for direction in developing the right sales system. Do you see a trend? All of these marketing tactics all of the way down to closing the sale depends on the right plan. Without it you are just winging it…

Step 4: Sales, Sales, Sales: Now that your sales are rolling in and you have increased yearly sales 300+%… What do you do now? Hopefully you did not have problems delivering the goods. We often find that most small business owners blame low sales for their problems. Sometimes it is lack of production capabilities and delivery. (DIYSB Tip: Ex. What if your direct competitor can deliver a similar product and price in half of the time? You could potentially be loosing sales due to delivery and not your sales process.)

Do you need to get the best Sales Funnel for your small business? Well, we do things the right way and we make them easy….really easy. If you want to do things the right way, Schedule a Business Marketing Strategy Session.  If not, we wish you the best of luck. We hope this quick Best Sales Funnel Guide helped!

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