How To Decide If Outsourcing Marketing Is Right For Your Business

Many Small Business Owners find that outsourcing marketing can be a huge help. Think about it, marketing has to be done. Who is going to do it?

Staff up or outsource? That’s the million dollar question organizations have faced for many years when deciding how to handle their marketing departments. With more and more options available, many small businesses are finding that hiring outsiders can be a great choice, especially when the tasks at hand are relatively routine or they are simply not getting done at all. Here’s some advice to figure out if outsourcing your marketing is right for your company.

Can you do it yourself?

The basic rationale for a small business to outsource to a vendor could be summed up this way: I can’t do this, others can, I think I’ll let them.

Chances are you have not been on top of your marketing game like you should have been. Your time has been directed to other pressing issues. Things like, sales, operations or human resources. All of those things have to be addressed. The bad thing is that marketing takes time, planning and money to execute properly. So, if you want to get better at marketing and increase sales now is the time to think about what your business will look like in 2016 and beyond.

Full Time Employees are expensive!

We hear these things all of the time.

  • “My office manager does all of the marketing” That’s great? What else does she do? More often than not the office manager has about three hundred different tasks that they complete on a weekly basis. Marketing ends up as one of those “I’ll get to it if I have time.” tasks. That doesn’t work out too well in the long run.
  • “The sales manager handles all of the marketing decisions.” That’s fantastic! What is their marketing plan? Oh, you don’t have one. That’s why we need to separate the sales and marketing jobs but make sure they are married together and work like a fine tuned sales and marketing engine.
  • “I handle the marketing.” As a business owner we understand that it is important to balance the budget. And when marketing falls short there is nobody to hold accountable other than yourself. What if you could have an actual plan and a way to implement that plan for just a few bucks per month? It would be pretty nice, huh?

Full time employees are expensive. Why pay full time rates when DIYSB Marketing has plans starting as low as $2,500/mo? Now that whole “I can’t afford it thing.” is out of the way. What do you do next?

You have three marketing options:

Option 1

Outsource your marketing to DIYSB Marketing and let the professionals write a strategic plan, marketing plan and then help you implement all of the strategies. This is your headache free option since this is what we do everyday.

Option 2

Hire a full time employee. Now you get your own whipping boy/girl. The only problem is it will be much more expensive. A nice round figure would be $10,000/month. And then what do you do when they decide to leave for $12,000/month?

Option 3

Keep things how they are. This is OK too. Just understand that nothing is going to get better and you are just hoping for magic to happen in order to increase sales and grow your business. One of our customers calls this “Catching lightning in a bottle.” We still let him catch is lighting every now and then. He just gets the opportunity to catch more of it now.

What option did you decide? Hopefully we will be hearing from you soon!

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