Grow Your Cincinnati Business With Content Marketing

Great! Google just changed the game again. Now you need to grow your Cincinnati business with content marketing…

Knowing when to grow and when to invest can be a tough decision for most small business owners. Most of the businesses we work with have been in business for a number of years but have never tried to market their business. They have relied solely on current customers and “word of mouth” advertising to keep their business going. Well, that’s good but it can be stressful when the calls are not coming in. Here is how you can grow your Cincinnati business with content marketing.

DIYSB Marketing Guide | Grow Your Cincinnati Business With Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. -Wikipedia

Content marketing can be a blog, video or any marketing that is created and shared. WebDAM’s recently shared statistics show that blogging consistently has led to B2B marketers generating 67% more leads than marketers who do not. Are you blogging? If not, when do you plan to start blogging? So, what are the steps you need to take to implement an effective and affordable content marketing campaign?

How Much Can You Produce?

Most owners tell us that they can produce as much as we can bring in. Well, that may be true with your current or old “non existent” marketing system. That’s not the case with a fine tuned lead creation and selling machine. For example: A house painter has one crew and they can paint a whole house in one week. That means that at best they can paint 52 houses per year if every project was scheduled back to back. Do you follow? How does this apply for your business?

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Look into your client list and identify who your best clients are. Your goal is to get really good at selling to those people. If your ideal customer is male, 25-50 years old then you need to market to those people. You can obviously get more specific and that helps increase your chances of getting a new customer.

What Is Your Best 2-3 Products?

Small Businesses find themselves trying to be the company that can do everything for everyone. It is just not physically possible to do everything. For example: We do marketing. And we do marketing very well. We DO NOT do accounting. It just does not make sense. Go to your accountant if you need accounting. Come to us if you need marketing. It’s the same theory just different professional services.

Got A Marketing Plan?

We find that most small businesses DO NOT have a marketing plan. How are you going to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going? You end up spinning your wheels with no results. That’s not fun. So, the very first step is to develop your strategic plan and your marketing plan will come out of that. Make sense? We hope so. Check out our FREE DIY Marketing Guide if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Next, Content Marketing!

Now that you have identified your target audience, product and how much you can product you can start implementing your tactics that are defined in your marketing plan. Blogging is an efficient way to tell your story and connect with current and potential customers. We recommend writing content a minimum of one time per week. But, the more you write, the more opportunities your customers can find you in a huge sea of websites.

Tip #1: Write about relevant content to your business and products. Try to tell a story if at all possible.

Tip #2: Answer the questions in the comments section. Be active and engaging with your readers.

Tip #3: Don’t give up. This is not a sprint. It is more like a decathlon.

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