5 Tips To Create Facebook Ads That Work

Are you already advertising on Facebook? Or are you looking to start advertising on Facebook? If you want your advertising dollars to get you more fans, leads and sales you will need the right strategy to get you there.

Here are our BEST 5 tips to create Facebook Ads that work.

Facebook Tip #1: Save On CPC With Targeted Advertising

So, you started a Facebook page and now you are wondering what to do next. The main thing you want to do is NOT start advertising to anyone and everyone you can find.

By focusing most of your early marketing efforts on building a solid Facebook fan base (1,000+ fans) you will see a MUCH higher conversion rate right off the bat when you target FANS ONLY in your ad campaigns. But you need to have a strong core Facebook Fan base first so you have some critical mass to actually sell your products or services.

How much savings can you expect? Well, every business and product is different but you will see FAR better conversions and sales as a result. Think about it… You are now marketing to potential customers that have at least interacted with you before hand.

When you work hard to build a fan base first, you reap the rewards by getting better ad conversions…without breaking the bank!

DIYSB Marketing | 5 Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Tip #2: Get More Fans With the New “Like” Ads

To my point in Step# 1, all businesses need a community first. Your ability to actual turn Facebook fans into leads and finally, paying customers is key to your business success. You will need to keep those new fans engaged and genuinely interested.

This is where the new “Like Ads” come into play. These are designed mainly to help you grow your total number of fans. This is how you will grow your community in the early stages (or whenever you’re ready to grow your existing community). Make sure you do your market research and target the right potential customers when you are growing your fan base!

Facebook Tip # 3: Boost Your Lead Generation With Facebook Offers

One of our favorite things to do is to create Offers for fans and non-fans in order to build out our clients email lists.

Rather than create an Offer to sell a big product like a $20,000 IT managed services package.  We recommend is using an Offer to promote a FREE giveaway in exchange for users’ email addresses. After all, Offers get emailed right to your users and their inbox is where YOU want to be!

So set up a simple landing page for your giveaway that requires an email and a name, and then create an Offer (with an enticing thumbnail) that links up to the landing page. Next, turn it into a Promoted Post directly via your Page wall (or, for more targeting options, go into the ads dashboard instead). You can also try targeting non-fans or even fans of your competitors if you think the Offer is good enough.

Facebook Tip # 4: The 20% Rule Is Real

Facebook has revised their guidelines for Facebook ads that appear in the News Feed, like Promoted Posts, Offers and ads that you target to mobile Facebook users. For example: a product image offering a discount can have a text overlay, but that text can’t take up more than 20 percent of the total ad image.

Make sure your image-based ads don’t get penalized before they get results! You can check your Ad image HERE.

DIYSB Marketing | Facebook Ads Tips

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Facebook Tip #5: Don’t Waste Your Money! Get In The News Feed

The number of users accessing Facebook on mobile devices is not going away anytime soon. Today, 60 percent of all users are visiting Facebook on their phones and tablets. This has pretty serious implications for advertisers because when users access Facebook via mobile, there is no right-hand column – which means you can’t afford not to focus at least some of your advertising on News Feed placements.

To get your Facebook ads into the News Feed (specifically Page Post ads, Page Like ads and Sponsored Stories), you have to use the Power Editor. It’s different (and a little more complicated) than the ads dashboard you’re used to, but there are plenty of resources to help you learn how.

Facebook is a mobile company now. It makes 62 percent of its advertising revenue on mobile, a dramatic change for a company that had no mobile ads as recently as two years ago. And of the 1.32 billion people who use Facebook each month, 399 million, roughly a third, only log in with their phones. It’s important to note that Facebook’s monthly user base has grown 14 percent year over year, while it’s mobile user base has grown much more, at 31 percent. Users in the US spend more than 40 minutes per day on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says.

We always choose both “Desktop News Feed and Mobile-Only News Feed” to get maximum exposure in the News Feed. Why do I not choose the right-hand column as well? Ads in the News Feed get much more engagement than ads in the right-hand column on Facebook. Need we explain more?

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