5 Reasons Why You Need A REAL Marketing Consulting Firm

Finding the RIGHT Marketing Consulting Firm | Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky:

We have the “low down” on how to get the right Marketing Consulting Firm for you small business in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

Selecting the right marketing consulting firm should be easy but there is a lot of noise in the marketplace these days. It is tough to sift through the BS and get the right marketing consulting firm for your business. With a little searching you can get there though.

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Reason #1: Beware of FREE!

Most of us can sense a SCAM when we see it. There are a lot of self proclaimed “gurus” out there offering up FREE downloads of the “one of a kind magic trick” that will propel your small business from obscurity to everlasting stardom. Hmmm…. What do you think? Wouldn’t everyone just quit their job, shell out 10k to a guru and head to the beach?

Here is the problem:

While some of these gurus can make you some quick money, most of the systems they preach is built around internet marketing ninja tricks that will give you a short term gain but not long term success. Is there some good information in these products? Some…

Why they sell FREE:

The internet marketing guru sells free to get your contact information to sell different “get rich quick schemes” to you. What is the value of FREE? We don’t think it’s that much. Do you give away your products for free? I didn’t think so.

Don’t fall for free and your email inbox will thank us later!

Reason #2: Location, Location, Location

The internet has changed how we do business. We can’t deny that. But effectively marketing a small business requires a detailed understanding of the business. How is a guru or a virtual marketing consultant going to achieve this? We like to work with small businesses that we can hop in a car and drive to. Do we work with businesses across the country? Yes, but we make sure we visit with them regularly.

We recommend talking to a few local marketing consulting firms to find the people that fit with your business.

Reason #3: Find the RIGHT fit!

What is the right fit? You need to find a business where their people fit your people. If you are a small business it might make sense to work with another small business (small marketing consulting firm) vs. a large marketing consulting firm in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Columbus. The larger marketing firms typically cost a little more money because they have more overhead. So, find the right people and the right culture to work with.

Reason #4: Your budget.

Before you start looking for a marketing consulting firm to help your business think about how much you are willing to spend on that marketing help. Keep in mind, nothing is FREE! Run really fast if a marketing firm says they can do your marketing for FREE.

Example #1: Hire an employee.

A marketing manager salary will run you around $5,000-$8,000 per month plus benefits. It’s not done there. You will more than likely still need to hire outside resources to help you with your tactics like strategic planning, graphic design, web design, social media, email marketing and any other tactic that’s defined in your marketing plan.

Example #2: Hire an affordable Cincinnati based marketing consulting firm like DIYSB.

DIYSB’s Small Business Marketing Department services will cost you $5,000 per month. What do you get? everything you need. Plus you don’t have to pay for any benefits. How can DIYSB do this? We have a great team and we stick to what we do best. That’s making marketing easy….really easy.

Reason #5: You want to grow your small business.

If you have no interest in growing then keep consuming all of the “so called” FREE products online and spending your sleepless nights searching for tricks to make a quick buck. A REAL Cincinnati based marketing consulting firm like DIYSB is not for you.

If you are serious about getting more leads, increasing sales and saving time, then a real marketing consulting firm may be right for your small business.


Free stuff typically don’t work. There is a reason why we spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to college to learn about business and marketing. If you want a few FREE marketing tips, we will give you some. But the meat and potato’s are definitely not free.  We value our education, experience and time more than that. We think you do too.

Find someone close to you. Find a marketing consulting firm that can meet with you in person every now and then. Contracting someone that lives 1,000’s of miles away is not a good idea.

Can you get a good marketing coach that’s thousands of miles away. Yes, but not someone that is running your whole marketing strategy….

Find the right FIT! Make sure you talk to a few businesses before you make your choice. Make sure you get along with the people you are going to work with. We think that this should be a fun time growing sales. Not a task or chore…

Keep your money in mind and it will save you time. Have you heard the saying, “Champagne taste on a beer budget.” If you only have $5,000/month to spend on a marketing resource, why are you talking to a firm that is $10,000-$15,000/month. Don’t waste your time.

Ask yourself, are you really ready to grow your business. Growing a business will require an investment. Without this investment you are guaranteed to keep going how you have been going. And that’s OK too.




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