2016 Cincinnati Small Business Marketing Package

How does your 2016 marketing plan look? We have the best Small Business Marketing Package available in Cincinnati!

We are excited to announce our newest marketing package available to Cincinnati area small businesses. We understand that you need ALL of your marketing completed. And it has to be done on a budget. That is why we developed this NEW package specifically for small businesses with less than 2M in annual sales.

What does this Outsourced Marketing Package include?

Ideal for medium sized or high growth businesses (10+ employees) who need a really experienced marketer but don’t need someone full time. Our medium business outsourced marketing manager package will give you access to a senior experienced marketer to provide marketing direction, advice and expertise. The medium business marketing manager package includes:

  • Minimum of 24 hours of marketing management per month.
  • A 3 month strategic review with our Director, Theo Tracy.
  • Detailed marketing plan.
  • Implementation of the strategic and marketing plans.

Cost: $2,500 per month

How can we do this? Simple, we like helping small businesses and we do it everyday. Is 2016 going to be YOUR year? Let our team help you get better at marketing and increase sales the right way.

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