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Do you need a Strategic Marketing Plan for your Business? That actually works…..

DIYSB is not your normal Cincinnati based Marketing Consulting Firm. We have a mixed group of consultants/coaches. All with their own specialties and backgrounds ready to jump into any of our clients projects and lend their expertise. We are a TEAM and NOT a “one man show”. It all starts out with what we call the 3 P’s.

Strategic Marketing Consulting | 3 P's

  • PLEASE Don’t go to a website designer and ask them to design or redesign your website.
  • PLEASE Don’t go to a traditional marketing firm and ask them to design or redesign your marketing materials.
  • PLEASE Don’t go to a traditional ad agency and ask them to design or redesign your ad campaign.


Because NONE of them knows or even cares about what your STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN is.

Here at DIYSB you STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN is much more important than shiny objects and new flashy Apps. Strategic Marketing Consulting provides your business with a road-map to success. All of the tactics can be outsourced and are easy once you have the right strategy.

What makes DIYSB different? Simple, we do not do anything without a STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN. We are not here to take your hard earned dollars and flush them down the toilet like everyone else. Sometimes you have to accept that there is no shortcut to basic marketing principals. We keep you on the right path!

So, what do you need to do? First, you need to be ready to take your marketing to the next level, get more leads and increase sales. Just make sure you can deliver the product too. Often, our clients ask us to turn off the funnel and let them catch up. That’s not a good thing. Once we get this ball rolling, we don’t want to stop it!

IF your answer is YES….. Below is a picture of our Director of Consulting, Theo.  He will be the first person that will help you on your STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN journey. As a senior newspaper executive, Theo brings with him three decades of experience in business development, strategic planning and marketing. As the publishing industry changed, Theo’s experience broadened to include Digital Publishing and Social Media.

DIYSB Marketing Firm| Strategic Marketing Consulting | Cincinnati

Theo – Director of Consulting

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