Forgotten Marketing Secret That Works


Forgotten Marketing Secret That Works

Our coaches are often get asked, “What is the forgotten marketing secret that works?” Well, that is a tough question. There are many different marketing tactics that can be applied to a business to increase sales. It depends on the business and product though.

So, we polled all of our coaches and the one secret that came up every time was “Strategy”. This is not actually a forgotten or secret marketing concept but it is the one often overlooked.

From social media, to email marketing, to blogging and direct outreach – there are hundreds of tactics, tools and trends out there to market your small business. It’s overwhelming, and sometimes impossible to figure out what works for your business. And making that strategic connection is what drives sales.

You might think, “If I try multiple marketing efforts, then I’m increasing my chances of reaching my audience and producing sales, right?” Trying every marketing gimmick in the book and seeing what sticks might be reaching a wider audience, but it’s not necessarily reaching the right audience. You also run the risk of spreading yourself too thin in terms of your marketing plan, and thus watering down the quality of your marketing efforts. So you’re actually doing more work, with less return, versus less, more focused work that yields better results.

Your marketing strategy should be about building trust, credibility and visibility for your brand, by reaching the right audience, understanding the existing needs and interests within that segment, and clearly communicating the value of what you have to offer.

Our Advice: Start with 1 strategy that you can implement and monitor, and that you feel best fit your audience and play upon your strengths. So where do you start?

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