DIY Marketing Guide


The DIY Marketing Guide Is Just A Click Away

Are you looking for a step by step do-it-yourself DIY marketing guide? We understand that you are on a tight budget and you can’t afford $10,000/mo on a consultant or an employee to develop your marketing strategy.

Our programs are designed to point you in the right direction or coach you through the most important aspect of your business, the marketing strategy.

DIY Marketing Guide

So, why DIY Marketing Guide?

  • You are on a tight budget.
  • You need to understand your business and product better.
  • You need a complete marketing strategy.
  • You need to update your marketing strategy.
  • Educate yourself and your employees about marketing.
  • Increase your sales.

The chances are VERY GOOD that you are currently spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on trying to figure out your marketing strategy all by yourself with no guidance.

These marketing guides you are going to discover are the EXACT step-by-step approaches our consultants follow each and every day.. You can choose to either follow the steps yourself or have one of our consultants available to answer email questions or do weekly individual coaching strategy calls.

When it comes to actually succeeding in business MOST things are easy to do and figure out.


As you know – if you don’t do it right, you can empty your wallet pretty fast and have nothing to show for it. An affordable DIY Marketing Guide will save you thousands of dollars. What is stopping you from taking your marketing to the next level? You…

DIYSB has taken the cost decision out of the equation. You can now get our DIY Marketing Guide for FREE!

Tired of e-books, videos and webinars? Start using a DIY marketing guide that actually WORKS!

Looking for a little more than a DIY Marketing Guide or Marketing Coach. DIYSB’s Small Business Marketing Department can help you will all of the heavy lifting.