Cincinnati SEO | Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making

Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making in your Cincinnati SEO to Improve WEBSITE TRAFFIC:

Is this you?

  • You have a current website but it is not getting any traffic.
  • You have a website and it used to get traffic. Now it is just there and nobody visits it.
  • Your website is old and needs a total overhaul.
  • You are looking to build a new website and you want it done right the first time.

We have good news. You have came to the right place. Here are the top 5 mistakes you are making in your Cincinnati SEO and traffic building efforts.

Cincinnati SEO | Top 5 Mistakes

Mistake #1: Focusing on Tactics

  • The Tactics: (shiny new objects, gimmicky new launches, software, etc)
  • More tactics force you to search out more tactics. They simply don’t work for you Cincinnati SEO.
  • It’s like drinking milk on a hot day. Just not a good idea….

Mistake #2: Seeing Traffic as an Expense

  • Your focus should be on how to turn $1 into $10 dollars.
  • Don’t ask, “How can I spend less to get more?”
  • Its not your fault. You simply don’t know where to spend you money.

Mistake #3: Focusing on CHEAP clicks and CHEAP traffic

  • It’s usually not good.
  • It requires sketchy tools and software. (The guys at Google are pretty smart. I think they know when you are trying to cheat.)
  • Always requires you to find that “next” traffic source when that one runs dry.

Mistake #4: Using Traffic Sources That Are Not Scalable

  • Using “one and done” sources like solo ads.
  • Using traffic sources that you have to constantly keep making it work. (Video Marketing)
  • Manually getting traffic. (Posting on blogs.)

Mistake #5: You don’t have a plan

  • A website without a plan is just a website. A website with a plan is a sales and lead generating machine.
  • What does your Marketing Plan say about your website?
  • Make sure you have a plan and a budget to promote your new website prior to paying the “big bucks” for a new one. And…..Run real fast if a consultant or web designer gives you a quote without talking about your strategy first.

Are you ready to re-design your website or build a new one?

A question that frequently gets brought up is, “how often should we redesign our website?” If you talk to 5 different people, you would get 5 totally different answers. None of the answers are right or wrong. Now, what is our answer to this question? Simple. You should redesign your website when the time is right. Now you may be scratching your head, thinking “great another round about answer” but its true. The time may be right a year, 2 years or even 3 years, but a good rule of thumb is to redesign your website when the site no longer meets your company objectives, or is not meeting its overall expectations.

Is your company website….

  • Not meeting objectives?
  • Outdated?
  • Does not reflect who your company is today?
  • More than three years old.?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it may be time for you to re-design your site and improve your Cincinnati SEO.


  1. It’s totally customizable to your business.
  2. You can start small and scale up.
  3. It is built around what the internet wants you to do.
  4. It can be automated and outsourced!


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