Choosing A Small Business Marketing Consultant


Choosing a small business marketing consultant can be a tough feat for a business owner. Chances are, they started the business and they feel that they should be able to run and market it, right?

However, nobody knows everything about growing and marketing a business. Sometimes it makes sense to seek the coaching of others, but who is right for you and your business? When selecting a marketing consultant, follow these five simple, but important, guidelines:

1. A person you can talk to

First and foremost, an effective consultant/coach must be a person that you can have a conversation with. He or she must be the consummate professional but personable at the same time. The consultant/coach must be willing to put the best interest of the client ahead of their own.

For example, the consultant must be willing to tell clients things that they need to hear, but may not want to — even if doing so means that the consultant loses business. The consultant must care deeply about her or his clients.

2. Experience

A good consultant/coach should have experience with the challenges or opportunities you and your company are facing. She or he may not know your specific company or industry, but you and your people know your company and your industry quite well, don’t you? What the consultant brings to the table is experience in addressing the types of issues you face.

3. Problem-solving skills

You will want the consultant you engage to be a great problem solver. After all, you are hiring a consultant to help you solve problems (or take advantage of opportunities).

4. Communication skills

A good consultant/coach should be articulate. He or she should possess unusually strong communication skills, both orally and in writing. Of course, communication is a two-way street.

No matter how smart a consultant is, she or he won’t be able to help you improve your business until they fully understand the challenges you face. This will never happen until the consultant listens to you.

Here at DIYSB Marketing Guide we match you and your business up with the RIGHT consultant/coach if you choose one of the coaching options. Don’t need a coach? Select the DIY guide for a step-by-step marketing guide. And if later you decide you need a little extra help….We are here to coach you through the process.