Cheap Small Business Marketing


Cheap Small Business Marketing

What is CHEAP SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING? We think it is all relative. Ten dollars may be a lot to Joe’s Plumbing Supply but Microsoft might not miss the ten dollars. Cheap Small Business Marketing does not mean that it is bad. It is what the business could afford at that time. Let’s face it, we have all been there and done that. We think it is better to applaud the business owner that actually started vs. fizzling out and never pursuing their dreams.

FREE MARKETING TIPS are great! We have them too. CLICK HERE to get them. We often find that the tips and tricks are not enough to jump start or revive the small business marketing. We found ourselves telling business owners and sales professionals that we can’t help them. And we felt bad about it every time. We made it our goal to develop a DIY marketing guide to help everyone!

How CHEAP is CHEAP? CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

cheap small business marketing guide

Have you been searching the internet for the most affordable marketing guide for months? Congratulations! You have found it. What do you get with our cheapest marketing guide?

DIY Marketing Guide: $19/month (Limited Time Offer)

  • Marketing Tips
  • Chance to win a FREE 1/hour Strategy Session
  • DIY Marketing Guide
  • Introductory Check Up with a Coach

What makes different?

  • We DO NOT give you everything all at once. Other “so called” programs dump a ton of information on you at one time. What happens? You get overwhelmed and give up…
  • We provide you with actionable step-by-step guides!
  • Our COACHING guides are one-on-one! There are no group conference calls, generic pod casts or video tutorials. Just customized specific coaching that WORKS!
  • Easy monthly payments. You will not need to apply for a line of credit or take out a second mortgage for our guides.

We want to help you from potentially making some really dumb mistakes that could cost you a lot of money!