3 Step Marketing Strategy For Increasing Sales


3 Step Marketing Strategy For Increasing Sales….FAST!

Step By Step Marketing Guide

  • THE WHO: Clearly identify your ideal client. You will need to drill down until you can detail the purchasing behaviors of this target market and learn everything you can about your ideal customer. At a minimum you will need to know their demographics (income, race, gender, geography, etc.) but understand their needs, pains, frustrations and fears.
  • THE DIFFERENCE: Simply ask yourself, “how is the product/service that I offer any different than my competitors?”  Forbid yourself from claiming “better customer service” and never, ever claim to have “better prices” unless you intend on getting in a bidding war with $10 off coupons driving from the competitors driving you out of business!  Differentiate by being the ONLY one in town to provide a brand of product or be the ONLY ____(dentist, school, doctor, realtor, etc)______ in town with a service guarantee like that.  Differentiate on values – appealing to your “WHO” (see #1) by performing your services in a way that resonates with the values of your target market.  Different on the customer experience – excite your customer’s senses (sight, sound, etc…) in a way that they will tell others about the experience!
  • THE MARKETING STRATEGY FOR INCREASING SALES: Now that you know WHO you are reaching and what SETS YOU APART from your competitors, you are ready to start developing an approach to lead generation and converting those leads into loyal customers!  Once your strategy is in place, you can freely explore the possibilities of every marketing tactic and determine whether it is a right fit – this strategy gives you a new direction by which you can make marketing decisions.  The system will also give you the confidence to examine the entire customer experience – determining where the gaps are and exploring creative ways to developing customers who repeat and refer!

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