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How is your website performing?

Websites are here to stay and it is important for your business to have one. Otherwise, you would not be looking at website design companies right now. Every website design company is a little different. It is important for a business to find a website design company that fits their goals.

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How We Approach Website Design

Our approach to websites might be a little different than the last company you talked to. We believe that it is more important for a website to achieve it’s goals than look really pretty. What is the point of having a nice website if nobody visits it and you don’t get any new customers?

Step 1: What is your marketing plan?

Websites do not pop up overnight and this project will take a lot of hard work and thought to get it right. And guess what? Your website will never be 100% completed. Websites are living, breathing things that need to be tweaked and updated on a weekly if not daily basis. Having a detailed marketing plan will give your small business a greater chance of success. We wouldn’t do it any other way. And start running real fast if a company agreed to build a website for you and didn’t ask how you were planning to market it.

Step 2: Creating Content

Building the perfect website for your business will have to be a group effort. Who knows your business better than you? Yes, we will re-write all of your content to make it work for the website. Our content creators, graphic designers and web designers need a place to start.

Step 3: Building the Website

This is where all of the magic happens. All of the strategy, planning and content creation starts to come together. We will build a website that clearly communicates your message and converts visitors into paying customers.

Step 4: Marketing and Maintenance

Now you have a fantastic new website! How do you get visitors? Do you remember that marketing plan that we discussed in Step 1? This is where you use that plan. Without a plan your website will fall into the endless abyss of poorly managed websites.

Are you ready to learn how the right plan and the perfect website can help your business increase sales?

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