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Are you struggling to figure out how Social Media Marketing can work for your business?

Social Media Marketing used to be classified as a fad. Well, it’s still here and it is going strong. Social Media Marketing is a great way to connect with your clients and customers. But what works for one business does not necessarily work for yours. Navigating that tough decision and implementing the correct strategy for social media can be overwhelming. Let us show you how to get going in the right direction.

Social Media Marketing | DIYSB Cincinnati Social Media Marketing

How It Works

First, do you have a marketing plan for your business? If so, we would love to see it. This will give us an idea of the direction your business is going. If not, we need to get started on it right away.

Let’s assume that you have a marketing plan and it includes social media as a tactic that you want to use.

Step 1: Identify what social media platform works best for your business.

The options are endless these days. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram just to name a few. Depending on your product and goals we will be able to determine the best fit for your business. Why not all of them? We believe that it is best to get really good an one and then branch out after you have scaled up the first community.

Step 2: Content Creation

Content creation in social media management takes up the majority of your time. Think about this for one minute….

Your Facebook Community grows to 1,000 fans.

Your organic reach on Facebook is 2%. That means that only 20 people will see your post. Do you pay to BOOST your post or what do you do next? We know the answer.

How much NEW content do you need per week? It depends on what your marketing goals are and how much time you or we have allocated to creating content for your business.

Step 3: What is your budget?

Social Media is NOT FREE! The great thing is that social media is scalable. Once a campaign is successful you can turn up the spending and start harvesting leads and sales. Is every campaign going to be 100% successful? No. One thing remains constant in business. You need to spend money to make money.

Do you want to learn how Social Media Marketing can help your business increase sales?

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