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Have you forgotten about your customer email list? Here is how to jump start your next Email Marketing campaign for your business.

Often times businesses get busy delivering products and services and  basic marketing functions get swept under the rug. We just don’t have time… Right? How do you fix this problem and make sure your sales pipeline is staying full?

Let us take care of your Email Marketing campaigns! Based on your marketing plan our experienced marketing professionals can execute a timely email marketing campaign to your customers.

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Don’t have a marketing plan? We will help you figure out what plan is best for your business. Without the right plan you are just hoping for success instead of planning for success.

Mail Chimp

We use a company called MailChimp to send out all of our email campaigns. In order to not get blacklisted or have all your emails start showing up in junk folders, you have to go through a service like MailChimp, Exact Target or Constant Contact to send out email campaigns. We choose to use MailChimp because it integrates well with other tools that we use and it is by far the best user experience for building an online newsletter.

Let us show you how an effective email marketing campaign can help your business.

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