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Marketing is an important part of growing a small business. And FREE Marketing Tips definitely help! helps you by delivering free marketing tips weekly to your inbox. We understand that it is hard to figure out what marketing mix works for your business. Our goal is to coach your through the process and help you increase sales! Below are a few tips that can help you right away. Need more tips? Let’s connect and we will deliver tips weekly to your inbox. No Spam! We do not sell your information.

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DIYSB Marketing Guide | Free Marketing Tips

Here are some FREE Marketing Tips to get you started…

  1. Internet Marketing – Not all internet marketing has to cost money. You can optimize your site to be found better in search engines, exchange links with related companies, and the most simple – update your site content regularly.
  2. Social networking – Create accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Update your status daily, connect with everyone you know and reach out to new people through the people you know. Leverage existing relationships to create new ones and to get your foot in the door where you’d like to do business.
  3. Blogging – As with article contribution, establish your expertise by posting blogs covering “Top 10” lists and “How To” topics. Drive traffic to your blog via your social networks and engaging meaningfully on other people’s blogs. Even changing the signature in your email can help.
  4. Picking up the Phone – It sounds like such an easy answer, but most people avoid the phone like the plague. The trick is to have confidence and a purpose before you pick up the phone, and be able to NOT take it personally if they don’t’ want to talk to you. Remember, it can take 99 “no” answers before you can get a “yes.” Decide how much!
  5. Internal Referrals – Your best and most abundant business comes from your very own client base. Ask your existing customers for more business, and for referrals. Develop loyalty programs that keep people coming back to you, and conduct short surveys where clients can anonymously tell you the truth about your business so you can improve it if need be. Some clients will like you, but won’t refer until you work out “the bugs” they’ve found in doing business with you.

Free Marketing Tips are great but it is not the total solution to deciding what your marketing strategy should be. Check out some of our step-by-step marketing guides if you are ready to take your marketing to the next level! CLICK HERE NOW

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