Week 26 | Pay Per Click

Week 26: Pay Per Click

DIYSB Small Business Marketing Gude | Week 26: Pay Per Click

Google Adwords, Facebook or Bing Campaign

  1. Have a clear goal. The most important part of any SEM [search engine marketing] campaign is to have a clear goal in mind.
    The point of your AdWords, Facebook or Bing campaign should be to grow sales.
  2. Keep your target customer in mind when writing your ads. Make sure your ads will attract the Attention of your audience, raise customer Interest, convince customers that they Desire your product, lead customers towards taking Action (include a call-to-action) and [provide] Satisfaction if they end up choosing your website.
  3. Don’t mislead customers. Your ads need to be entirely accurate for the landing page advertised. Don’t mislead your audience!
  4. Use negative keywords. Always remember to include negative keyword targeting, This further qualifies the ads within a campaign, ensuring ads do not show to users who would not find them relevant anyway.
  5. Target your ads. Implement all three types of keyword targeting — exact match, phrase match, broad match.
  6. Don’t ignore mobile users. Ensure that you are using mobile-preferred ads within your enhanced campaigns.
  7. Always be testing. Once you identify your AdWords campaign goal/action, plan various tests to try to maximize your outcome.
  8. Monitor and tweak your campaigns. It can be hard to manage by yourself but a good campaign needs to be monitored and tweaked regularly.

Weekly Goal: Research more into a Google AdWords, Facebook and Bing campaigns. Decide if this is a project that you can do or is it something that you need to bring in outside help.

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% Allocated to AdWords:

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