Week 21 | FAQ’s

Week 21: FAQ’s

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It’s time to put that FAQ page to work for you. If you have a website, and it doesn’t have a well-written FAQ page, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.

How to Write Your FAQ Page: To write an effective FAQ page, simply think of the questions that new customers ask most often. Do they ask about your products features? Do they request proof of credentials? Are they seeking directions to your store? When organizing your FAQs, place the most common questions at the top of the list.

Search Engines Love FAQ Pages: One of the best reasons to create an FAQ page is for the search engines. Want your site to rank high on Google and Bing? Then you need good content and lots of it. An FAQ page is a perfect place to provide an abundance of information in an interesting way.

Visitors Love FAQ Pages Too: People go to the internet for information. They really don’t want to be sold to. They want to learn. They want the facts. And that’s just what an FAQ page gives them. Use the opportunity to reiterate key selling points, features and benefits.

Speak to Any Objections That Hinder Sales: FAQs are a great place to answer any sales objections. Let’s say one of the objections you hear most often about your product is that it costs more than competitor products. Use a question and answer to explain why your product offers more value than your competitor’s.

Create Links to Your Main Pages: FAQs give you an opportunity to promote some of your main pages and some of your more obscure ones too. Simply write a question that targets those pages and then include a link in your answer. The links will drive traffic to those pages and will also help the search engines to find them too.

Reiterate Key Selling Points: Your FAQ page should complement information that is readily available elsewhere on the site. Look at it as a secondary search-for-information tool, a catch-all for the pertinent facts.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

Weekly Goal: Create a quality FAQ page for your website. Improve your current FAQ page if you already have one.

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