Week 11 | Writing Your Website

Week 11: Writing Your Website

DIYSB Small Business Marketing Gude | Week 11: Writing Your Website

Writing content is usually the most time consuming process in developing a website. This is a surprise to most people, and what is even more surprising to others is that a lot of times your web developer doesn’t write your content for you.

The fact is that you know your business the best, and while it may be helpful to hire outside help, that can get expensive. Below is a helpful guide to know how to write content for your website.

What are your goals? The first step of the writing process is determining the goals of your website. This is so easy to overlook but is very important. What is the purpose of the website? What are your goals? More specifically, “What action do you want visitors to your website to take?” This may seem obvious at first but websites can specialize in many different things. Think, “I want people visiting to my website to…”

Who is my audience? Think about who your typical customer is. How old are they? How computer savvy are they? What is their education level? These are good questions to ask. Remember that web users do not read words on a website, they scan them.
What information do I want on my website?

The next step of the writing process is creating a site map. A site map is simply an outline of what the information on your website will look like. We like to call it the “bones” of the website.

Some sections such as “Events” may not have sub-categories under them. Whatever makes the most logical, intuitive sense to your web users is what you will want to do. You should do your best in creating an easy to follow site map, but keep in mind that a good web design firm will also guide you in creating the best possible solution for your sitemap and website.
Writing Styles: There are three different, unique ways to write your content for your website. Usually you will want a balance between the three. If you focus too much on one you will neglect the others, so do your best to keep all three in mind once you start your actual writing.

Write Succinctly for Web Users, Write Professionally to Build up Your Image or Write for Search Engines.

Weekly Goal: Start writing or re-writing your website content. Websites can take weeks, months and even years to build and write. Even after they are finished you will be constantly adding content and tweaking the current content on the site.

Need a little help writing your website? Our team of content creators, graphic designers and web developers are ready to help.

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