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Here’s how to get the BEST Cincinnati Marketing Services at a price you can afford.

If you feel that you are ready to step up to the next level, stop trying to figure it all out on your own and make sure you don’t go around the calender another year without seeing some success — GET DIYSB MARKETING SERVICES NOW!

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Here are 7 ways you can access our knowledge and experience. We have arranged these in order, from those that require the least investment to those that require the most.

  1. Search Our Site: We write tons of blog posts weekly. Our goal is to continually address small business marketing issues and help small business owners find the right marketing help for their budget.
  2. FREE Marketing Tips: Subscribe to our FREE marketing tips. We will send you 1-2 updates per week with links to our blog and other important news.
  3. DIY Marketing Guide: (FREE Access with no strings attached or we will deliver it straight to your inbox. You pick!) We are here for you when you have questions or need additional marketing coaching or marketing services.
  4. ACCESS Marketing Guide: $499/month unlimited email access to a consultant.
  5. COACH Marketing Guide: $999/month unlimited email access and weekly 1hr coaching sessions.
  6. ALL ACCESS COACH Marketing Guide: $1,999/month unlimited email access, unlimited phone access 1hr weekly coaching sessions.
  7. SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING DEPARTMENT: Price: Click HERE to Learn More DIYSB can be your outsourced or contract marketing department for your business.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your marketing services department?

DIYSB’s clients hire us to become their complete, full-service marketing department. That outsourced relationship includes marketing leadership with experience C-level talent and subject-matter experts from just about every marketing discipline. The greatest benefit to our clients is that they immediately have access to top talent and leadership without ever running a help-wanted ad.

Outsourced marketing is scalable, allowing companies to better manage cash flow and investment. It is our burden to staff talented, creative individuals and to remain current on the latest marketing strategies. Our investment helps your company grow as if you’ve added a fully staffed marketing department on day one.

Most DIYSB clients delay or completely defer the hiring of internal marketing staff by hiring us as their outsourced marketing partner. Greater efficiency means greater outcomes for our clients.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Market Research
  • Product Differentiation
  • Marketing Budget
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website Design or Re-design
  • Content Creation
  • White Papers
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Sales Systems Planning
  • Future Planning

Click Here to Learn More About The SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING DEPARTMENT plan.

What makes DIYSB Marketing Services different?

  • We DO NOT give you everything all at once. Other “so called” programs dump a ton of information on you at one time. What happens? You get overwhelmed and give up…
  • We provide you with actionable step-by-step guides!
  • Our COACHING guides are one-on-one! There are no group conference calls, generic pod casts or video tutorials. Just customized specific coaching that WORKS!
  • Easy monthly payments. You will not need to apply for a line of credit or take out a second mortgage for our guides.

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