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If you are in business to make money, then I’m going to bet you want more sales. In order to get more sales you need more leads. To get more leads you need better marketing! This 46 page FREE EBook gives you a 12 step guide to get better at marketing and make more money… FAST!

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My Story and Why You WILL Buy This Book (FREE for a limited time.)

Ever since I can remember I have always handled myself great under pressure. I consider it a gift. Most people I meet are unable to regulate the ups and downs of business, sales and marketing. The stress just gets to them. I somehow have found a way to handle any challenge that comes at me.

I could go into a long drawn out perfectly written story talking about how well I play golf, basketball, surf, marketing or just about any activity I apply myself to. We don’t have time though. Let’s talk about what I do.

People always ask me what I do for a living. I simply say I am a marketing consultant. That is usually followed by a blank stare and an awkward moment. I can clearly tell that the have a little bit of an idea what I do but they don’t understand completely. So here is what I started telling people. I am a business doctor. You’re a doctor? Yes, I am a doctor that helps business figure out why their sales suck so badly. Oh, so you work with companies that are almost out of business. No, I work with a lot of different types of businesses to help them increase sales and make life a little easier. That explanation usually leaves them with a better sense of what I do. To be totally transparent…. I don’t work by myself anymore. I have a great team and I couldn’t do what I do without them!

For the first time, I’m going to tell you our secrets that we use on a day to day basis when we are working with clients. This is an abbreviated version that I like to call our “12 step program”. Everyone has a 12 step program so I figured DIYSB needed one too.