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My name is Nick Jody. I’m an experienced marketing consultant and founder of DIYSBmarketingguide.com a division of Allsett LLC.  that works with businesses in the United States. Throughout my conversations with business owners over the years I realized one major thing that ALL of the marketing firms were forgetting about. Marketing people are really expensive! So, we set out to develop a system and team of experienced consultants that will help small business owners work on their marketing and sales strategies without the cost of a full time marketing professional or consultant.

How is this possible? First, myself and group of experienced consultants set out to write a “Do It Yourself” Marketing Guide. This guide must be helpful unlike all of those books, videos and audio recordings floating around the internet. It has to be something that a business owner, entrepreneur or sales professional can use and re-use for any product. Not just something filled with gimmicks and get rich schemes that fizzle away. This has to be a product that has actionable items and guides someone to really build a sound foundation for their business. We started thinking, “Why not use the checklist that we use while on a contract?” We did just that. We cut out all of the fat and wrote a program that includes the “meat and potatoes” that you are looking for without searching the internet endlessly trying to find the information that you need. We put it all in one place!

What if someone needs more help? We provide a coaching option where one of our experienced consultants will guide you through the marketing process utilizing weekly one hour strategy sessions. Our consultants can work with the business owner, sales manager, sales professional or whoever you would like to work on this very important project. We are the marketing guidance professionals!

I need someone to come in and do it for me! We can definitely do that too. Our group of consultants are specialized in helping you get started, grow or revitalize your organization through coaching, consulting and implementing marketing tactics that work for your business. We understand that you don’t have 10 or even 20 thousand dollars per month. Our programs are priced to help the business owner on a budget and not break the bank!

Can you build my website? Yes, we can help you build a website. A website is a huge part of a business. It is your “home base”.

Our Consultants: Most of our consultants are located in the Midwest. However we are available to help anyone in the United States. Our DIYSB marketing system can be applied anywhere and if you are willing to work with us during normal business hours we would love to help you get more leads, increase sales and save time.

Over the years our consultants have helped thousands of businesses build strong foundations by implementing sound marketing principals. We are looking forward to sharing our information with you. Choose a marketing plan that fits your business and budget TODAY.